You should add Lindsay from Queer as Folk to the list.

i did think about lindsay when we were compiling the list, but i decided against adding her to it for a couple of reasons. 

after sleeping with sam (i think that’s his name? it’s been far too long since i’ve watched qaf!) lindsay repeatedly insists that she’s still a lesbian. and if that’s how she identifies, that’s how she identifies. we can’t very well pop her on a list of bisexual characters when she swears up and down that she’s gay. 

secondly, queer as folk is — scuse french — fucking terrible re: bisexuals and bisexual representation. the first character to dip their toe in the choppy waters of bisexuality is told “it’s okay to like cock and it’s okay to like pussy, just not at the same time” by the series’ main character. the writers of qaf knew that their show had a huge queer audience — an audience that would have, and does, include bi/pan individuals — and decided to hit them with that line? that’s nice of them. and then there’s hunter; ignoring the fact that he was a hustler, that kid was arse-over-tit for brian for a whole season, then meets a girl he likes at school and suddenly becomes straight. huh. i know sexuality, to quote jane lynch, “is grey, and it swims”, but there’s shades of grey and then there’s jumping from white to black and denying grey is a colour entirely.

as much as i unashamedly love that show, qaf is kind of a hot mess when it comes to people other than white, gay cismen. so, tl;dr: no miss peterson on the list. 

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